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Holiday Care Packages for Uvadle Bereaved Parents 

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Grief Bridge

Welcomes You

You need not

 walk alone!


Continuing Our Bond: Moving Forward While Continuing the Bond

Everyone Is Welcome

You have found this website because you or someone close to you has lost a precious child.

 I am deeply sorry!

 Your life has been shattered.

 Your pain is intense.

 In the beginning, you do not know how you will survive.

 But there is hope!

 I am walking proof and it did not happen over night!

 Grief is the most hush, hush topic in America!

 It is a social illness.

 The only way through grief, is exactly that.

 You must sit with and feel the heart wrenching pain, so take a deep breath and go through it, head first!

Yes, It is hard work.

 Yes, it is relentless work. 

 Yes, It is painful work. 

 There are no short cuts, there is no easy way out.  

 Healing Begins by telling your story 1,000+ times.

 Healing begins by forgiving whoever you need to forgive.

You will find yourself in an unfamiliar world, one in which easy tasks have now become laborious and exhausting. 

You now live in the before and the after.

 When you are ready, you will begin to transition and adapt to a new way of life.

 We must find a way to "Bridge" the gap to incorporate our child in our life Moving forward.

 We do this by re-remembering.

By continuing the bond we had with our Child.

Continuing the bond is a healthy way of moving forward and God's prescription in the Bible.

 It is finding a purpose to Move Forward. 

 it is finding ways to celebrate and honor our child's life everyday. 

 Leaning on our Father in Heaven to gives us the strength to move forward.

 One step at a time. 

 One second, one minute, one hour at a time. 

 Grief Work is hard work.    

 Each emotion, needs to be expressed, processed, felt and embraced. 

 The cruel reality is that the world goes on without skipping a beat!

 And we want to scream...

  "Stop! Don't you know my child just died?"

 You wonder how everyone can be so heartless!

 They just do not understand, and neither did we, before devastation knocked on our door!

 Life is short.

 Learning to change our perspective while honoring our child's life is a precious gift we give ourselves.

 Sharing our child is one of the first steps to healthy grieving.

 Grief has no time frame. 

 Grief is a lifelong journey, there is no one cure. 

 You are Unique!

 Your child is Unique!

 Everyone's grief is as unique as their own fingerprint.  

 Let me help you find the "Bridge" from heartbreak to hope.

What We Do



“Give sorrow words;

the grief that does not speak

knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break"

William Shakespeare

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